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Where to find a Fairy

If you are wondering where to find a fairy, you must remember that fairies enjoy living in natural environments. We find fairies living in the countryside and in the city. Their creativity and imagination have no limits. They might build their home within the foundation walls of your house. But their preference is usually a home located in or near gardens and trees. The following is a list of the places that we thought of when thinking about where to find a fairy.

Some fairies build their homes in small hills or mounds of dirt that are covered by grass. Usually fairies select small mounds, which are located near gardens and bushes. Their homes are very difficult to find, because the wooden doors are covered with grass and the grass also hides their tiny windows. The best hint of where to find a fairy home in the grass is to look for a small ring of wood surrounding a small amount of grass, which is a telltale sign of their wooden door covered with grass.

Some fairies like to build their homes in trees because they can have a better view. These homes have wooden doors, which have fairy markings carved in the door. Their windows are covered with bark from the tree, so they can close their windows and nobody can look inside their home. The best hint of where to find a fairy home in a tree is to look for the tiny porch attached to the tree underneath the door

Other fairies like to build their homes on the ground tucked in tight up against the roots of trees for protection. These homes might be built with wood sticks for walls, which are covered with bark from the tree. Or the house might have been built with small stones or pebbles to construct the walls. These houses are almost always covered with moss roofs. The best hint of where to find a fairy home next to a tree is to look on the north side of the tree where the moss grows at the bottom of tree.

Young fairies like to build tree houses. Sometimes a tree house is just a platform to laydown on and is built in a nook in the tree from sticks and leaves. But very often a young fairy will use a vacant bird nest. They will clean the bird nest and maybe put a chair and table in the, now, tree house. The best hint of where to find a fairy tree house is to look in the trees near your home. Young fairies are very curious about people, so they like to build their tree house close to our homes. Then they can sit in their tree house and watch the people when they come outside of their house to play or work.

Another hint of where to find a fairy is to look for butterflies. The young fairies take care of the butterflies like people take care of horses. They help the butterflies find food, and warn the butterflies of danger. If you have butterflies flying around your house, you can count on at least one fairy being nearby. If you carefully watch the butterflies, you might see a fairy taking a ride on the back of a butterfly. If you plant a butterfly bush, which produces flowers full of nectar food for the butterflies, you will increase your chances of spotting a fairy. And you help the butterflies by providing them a source of food, which they will thank you by constantly flying around in your backyard to entertain you.

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